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SAY HELLO TO The world’s first disc that can carry on-board electronics.

CHARGE Disc ... .............................................................. . POWER ROLLER Disc

• PDGA approved

• Bluetooth connectivity for tracking with iPhone / Andriod App

• Flashing LED and beeping speaker for locating the discs visually / audibly

• Durable plastic - UV resistant and anti-bacterial

• Textured inside rim
Fairway Driver - Overstable
Flight Ratings : -
Speed : 9
Glide : 4
Turn : -1
Fade : 2

• The disc and electronics designed together to optimize flight characteristics

• The Integrated housing provides shock protection and water resistance
Fairway Driver - Understable
Flight Ratings : -
Speed : 8
Glide : 4
Turn : -3
Fade : 1

Most notably, TOBU has created the first discs that can be tracked by using your Android or iPhone.

We weren’t satisfied with simply sticking components onto existing discs. Even if you manage to perfectly centralize the additional hardware, the change in both weight and weight distribution would reduce the disc’s performance.

To account for this, our discs were designed with these additional electronics in mind. A lot of engineering time and effort has been put into the design so that the total package would be ideal!

The discs are made from high quality, medical grade plastic that's one of the best on the market!

Additionally, our discs feature a textured inside rim with 3 separate sections of texture to assist you with your throw.
1. A smooth section that disc golf players will be familiar with. This is similar to every other disc on the market.
2. A slightly textured section similar to fine grain sandpaper. This will assist you with your grip on any type of throws
A rough section that will be invaluable to you while throwing the disc when it's wet.

"TOBU has built a solid product ... the TOBU Charge is a great step in a new direction for disc golf. " allthingsdiscgolf.com

"Very nice flight ... the plastic is great, very durable and grippy. It's been in the bag from day 1." mpacker5 in dgcoursereview.com/forums
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Factory Second Charge Disc - complete set Factory Second Power Roller - complete set
This set includes one slightly imperfect disc, one Bluetooth tracking module, and one dimpled cover.

This set includes one imperfect disc, one Bluetooth tracking module, and one dimpled cover.