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TOBU's tracking technology is now available for all of your discs!

This standalone module will attach to any disc and allow you to track it with an iPhone or Android device. Using Bluetooth technology, this tracking module sends a signal to your device to help you locate your disc when it gets lost. The flashing LED and loud beeping sound that give you the maximum ability to find your disc.

Never lose your favorite disc again!

Bluetooth connectivity allows tracking with Android and iPhone.

Loud beeper.

Flashing LED.

Circular template to assist you in getting the module perfectly centered on your discs.

Super strong mounting tape.

Strong housing to resist impact.

Overall weight of 8 grams
(housing, module, & cover).

Works exclusively with the TOBU App.

"So glad I found this product! Tired of losing discs and hoping this will speed up play with large groups." Joel Cookston"

Important Note: Please note that the addition of this module may slightly affect the flight pattern of some discs. Currently, discs with the standalone module attached will not be allowed in PDGA sanctioned tournaments.
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TOBU Seeker, Track lost discs, Find Discs
The Seeker
: $18.50
One standalone housing and cover with a Bluetooth Tracking Module for any type of disc