Our team of disc golfers, product engineers and software designers are on the mission to bring to market the most technologically advanced disc the world has yet to see!

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We’re lucky enough to live in the disc golf capital of the USA – Charlotte, NC!

There are over 40 courses in and around the city, and the number keeps growing each year!

Through our experience playing the game and by studying the most common issues players have, we've come up with lots of ideas on how to enhance the game for everyone.

Most importantly, we have the capability to bring these ideas to market!

Through our strategic alliance, we have tapped into 25 years of plastic engineering expertise with a company skilled in delivering demanding products requiring complex designs and high precision.

If there's anything else you'd like to know about us, feel free to ask.

TOBU In The News

TOBU Discs have been generating some buzz! Check out these news articles about our products:

Did you see us on KickStarter?

We couldn't have have gotten this product to you without the help of our backers on KickStarter! We are eternally grateful and want to make sure that they get recognized. Below is a list of the people who made TOBU Discs possible.

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In Alphabetical order by first name:

Aaron Haynes
Adam Bain
Adam Doktor
Adam Lenke
Adam Morrow
Adrian Zwick
Aksel Nustad
Alan Barker
Alan Comeau
Alan J Siegel
Alan Jalkut
Alan Kansas
Alexander Ray
Alexandria McManus
Alicia W. Martin
Allsetra Simon
Alyssa Angus
Amanda Adkins
Amanda Fisher
Amanda Summerell
Andrew Maley
Andrew Parr
Andrew Wallen
Angela Arp
Anna Williams
Anthony Cataldo
Anthony Mott
Anthony Paolino
Ben Holbrook
Ben Legg
Ben Yandle
Berge Marius Stople
Beth Powell
Billy Meyers
Blair Ferguson
Boone McAdams
Brad Gibbons
Brady Hewes
Brent Allard
Brian Fischer
Brian Fuller
Brian Hampton
Brooke King
Bruce Gay
Bryan Yeung
Casey & Petra Grier
Cass Mode
Chase Hayden
Chris flury
Chris Gleeson
Chris Hartmann
Chris Lohroff
Chris Shannon
Chris Singer
Christopher D Rhea
Christopher Jones
Cole Lamothe
Corie Ratzlaff
Court Fruge
Craig Kamijima
Dale Pearson
Dan Goodlett
Dana Simmelink
Daniel Adkins
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Woodson
Darle Towne
Darwin Brandt
Dave West
David Dvorak
David G Luchetti
David Halagarda
David Wahlstrom
Destiny Ciarrocchi
Dominik Streicher
Don Lane
Don Tupper
Donald Goodman
Doug Fitzpatrick
Drew Harper
Drew Hunter
Dwayne Hoffman
Ed Cole
Eddie Lamb
Elliott R. Burk
Eric Boughton
Eric Jubin
Eric Schwartz
Ethan Meyer
Forest Howell
France Au
Fred Halfpap
Garrett Sanborne
Garrett Wilson
Gary Smith
Gene L Miller
Gerald Sunkin
Gerardo Pena
Greg Corliss
Gregg D. Jenkins
GT Kirkley
Hasan Schwandes
Henning Feuchte
Hilary Pine
Ian P James
Jack Likert
James Streck
Jan Jackson
Jason Reese c/o John Antonino
Jay Bair
Jay Larrison
Jeff Bujouves
Jeffrey Bile
Jeremiah Rau
Jeremy Hanna
Jessica Alps
Jessica Ferris
Jessy Maham
Jim Gibbons
Jimmy Ouellette
Joe Converse
Joel McClellan
John Blomberg
John Poole
Johnny Ginn
Jon Patrick
Jonathan Blair
Jonathan Luster
Jonathan Yoder
Jonathon Lovie
Jordan turner
Joseph Lusk
Josh Macavoy
Josh Parker
Joshua Montano
Joshua Reynolds
Juan Romero
Juha-Pekka Lautala
Julian Powell
Justin Dexter
Justin Fife
Justin Van Duine
Kathleen Loraine
Keith Mayo
Kelly Crone-Willis
Kenneth Rogers
Kenny Anglemyer
Kevin O'Camb
Kevin Pampuch
Kevin Verstraeten
Kodi Jones
Kyle Huebner
Lance McLean
Landon Crawford
Larry Young
Levi Wilcox
Lieven D'hont
Louis Savarino
Madison Waterworth
Marc Pitre
Mariana Paonessa
Mark Maue
Mark Olson
Mark S Barnett
Markus Andresen
Marshall cannon
Mati of Estonia
Matt Cook
Matt Goth
Matt Jenkins
Matt Lange
Matthew Butler
Matthew Clark
Michael Sikora
Michael Sloan
Mikael Rasmussen
Mike Carver
Mike Johnson
Mike Packer
Mike Reed
Mike Tobin
Mike williams
Mitch Springer
Nancy Moorehead
Nathan Hoover
Neil Pickett
Nicklaus Elwell
Noah Wald
Nolan Smith
Patrick Wegmiller
Paul Heinecke
Paul-André Lemieux
Peggy Glassman
Per Sigmund Aagenaes
Peter Reilly
Randy Berger
Richard Sassaman
Ritchie Monroe
Rob Hapner
Robert Cartwright
Robert Combs
Robert M Lewis
Russell Gail
Ryan Martin
Sandra Wood
Scott Ladd
Scott Mayo
Scott McCain
Scott webb
Scotts Mathews
Sean Bleything
sean patterson
Sean Teare
Seth Aldridge
Shant Jordan
Sigurður Grétar Jökulsson
Stephanie Draper
Steve Calhoun
Steve Hardican
Steven Gray II
Sven Kurio
Ted Hegemann
Terry W Bush
Thom clark
Tim Nelson
Timothi Bohan
TJ Pniewski
Todd Mayo
Tom Linder
Tony Barlow
Tony Vargas
Tony Waterfall
Travis Edens
Travis Wycoff
Ty Tuff
Walters Disc Golf Emporium
William Giesbrecht
William Powell
Alicia Martin
Zach Parcell
Zachary Richards
Zack Stelly