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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I change the battery in the TOBU disc?
  How do I change the battery in the TOBU disc? Almost all of the TOBU products are rechargeable now. Simply pull out the white spacer from the side of the module and you can use a standard micro usb plug. (the same plug that most mobile phones use)
However, if you have one of our first generation tracking modules though, please click here for a quick video tutorial.

I can't unscrew the cover from the TOBU disc!
  As a general rule, try to set the disc down on a flat surface before unscrewing the cover. If you are holding the disc and it is being flexed or bent, the threads on the cover will start to bind. This makes it very difficult to unscrew. Also, make sure you are turning the cover Counter Clockwise to unscrew it.
I'm having trouble connecting my disc to the app...
  Here are just a few notes as part of the troubleshoot:
1. Make sure your phone has Bluetooth 4.0 and that it is turned on.
2. Pressing the button in the middle of the tracking module will put the module into pairing mode. This is typically not necessary, but it does help your phone to see the disc. Additionally, tapping this button will make the module flash briefly which is a good way to see if the battery has a charge. If not, please charge the module with a micro usb cord. (If you have a first generation tracking module that uses a battery, and are still using the battery that came with the disc, please change it as soon as possible. The battery that comes in the disc is just for testing purposes and will run out quickly.)
3. With some phones, you must pair the disc to your phone before starting the app. (just as you would with any other Bluetooth device) This is normally not necessary but we have seen it help with some devices.
4. Before tracking a disc with the TOBU app, you need to register the disc to the app. You can do this by going to the "Registered Discs" option in the drop down menu. Then tap the + sign in the top right to add a new disc. After a disc has been registered then you can begin tracking it with the app.

Here are some basic usage notes for the TOBU Tracking Module:
  • When you receive the Tracking Module there will be a small white plug in the charging port. This will need to be removed in order to charge the Module. Keeping this plug in place when you are using the Module will help it to be more water resistant.
  • This Module can be charged with the common micro usb charger thats used for most mobile phones.
  • The Tracking Module only takes about and hour and a half to fully charge. Once Charged, the Module will work for about 4 days with regular use before it needs to be charged again. Make sure to turn your Module to the OFF position when you aren't using it in order to prolong the battery life.
  • When charging the Module, a red light will indicate that the Module is charging. The red light will turn off when the Module is fully charged.
  • Note: the electronics in the Tracking Module are secured at an angle in their red housing. This is by design. DO NOT try to adjust the angle or straighten the electronics within their housing. Doing this will damage the electronics.
  • The Tracking Module has been coated with a water resistant material. If your tracking Module becomes wet, remove the Module from the disc and dry the it well before continuing use.
  • This module is to be used with TOBU discs, TOBU Seeker, and the TOBU Application.
What type of battery does the TOBU Disc use?
  • TOBU Disc's tracking module can use any of the CR style watch batteries. We recommend the CR2032. The use of other types of CR batteries may require a bit of modification to make them secure within the module.
  • TOBU Discs's Starlite module an use a variety of batteries. Here is a list of equivalent brands and their names for these batteries:
    • Common names: AG10, LR54, 189, SG10, SR1130, 387
    • Citizen: 280-15, 280-24
    • Energizer: 389, 390
    • Duracell: D389, D390
    • Maxell: SR1130W, SR1130SW
    • Panasonic: SP389, WS-10
    • Renata: 17, 11
    • Seiko: TR1130W
    • Sony: SRI-BO SW
    • Varta: V389, V390
    • Ultralast: UL387
    • Other: 289/8019, M, 89, GP89, S120
Wondering about a disc Golf Term?
  Check out our Disc Golf Dictionary.
Which phones will run the TOBU app?
  The TOBU app will run on iPhone and Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities. The operating systems on the phone must be iPhone 4 or higher and the Android 4.0 or higher. Please check your phones capabilities before downloading the TOBU app.
Can TOBU Discs be tracked under water?
  No. Unfortunately, Bluetooth signal can only be read to about 1 foot underwater.
What does the number on the bottom of the disc mean?
  This is the total weight of the disc (in grams) including it’s tracking tag and cover. The tracking tag with it’s battery installed weighs about 6.3g. The cover weighs about 3g. So the total weight of the tracking tag and cover together adds about 9.3g to the total weight of the disc.
Is the TOBU disc PDGA approved for tournament play?
  Yes! TOBU worked in conjunction with the PDGA to make sure the worlds first trackable disc would be allowed in tournament play. We assisted in creating the new technical standards to allow electronics in discs. The TOBU Discs have been created to the exact specifications of the new standards. Here is their announcement:
What does TOBU mean?
  TOBU is the Japanese word for “To Fly”. We thought the word was catchy and appropriate, so it stuck!
What is the farthest distance you can track a disc?

The TOBU disc works on Bluetooth technology. The range that your mobile device can track the disc relies on a few factors.
1. The phone you are using – some of the newer phones have a better Bluetooth antenna that can send a receive signals more efficiently.
2. Your environment – Bluetooth signal works just like a radio wave, which means that it can be blocked or bounce off of objects that it comes in contact with. So if there are a lot of solid objects between you and the disc acting as interference (such as trees, rocks, cars, people) then the Bluetooth signal can be greatly reduced. On the other hand, if you are in an open field with nothing in between you and disc, we have seen the signal reach up to 150 feet.

As a general rule, we have tried to calibrate our radar to be accurate to within 50 feet, even with some interference.